Wednesday, August 3, 2011

RIM to suspend application support Android on PlayBook

Online communities are fever when you believe RIM does not allow applications to run on the BlackBerry PlayBook Android.
This information is surprising given as many fans PlayBook quite shocked during the past not just the developers that fans will take considerable effort to building Android applications that can be compatible PlayBook of RIM products.
Even earlier, RIM has promised many times and have also taken action to support the development of Android applications on PlayBook but the latest statement, the view that everything is fine puppet puppet blind.

Online communities are waiting for answers about the rumored RIM cancel the application support Android on PlayBook

According to Engadget’s own, why RIM do not clearly defined. Just know that this source is said to be very “reliable.”
PlayBook was first introduced at CES 2011 which took place in January this year. PlayBook operation based Tablet OS Blackberry OS (QNX code name).
Electronics firms also confirmed PlayBook RIM can run Android applications and notify the launch of new tools for developers (SDK), allowing the tablet PlayBook can run applications written Android 2.3 for Java and Blackberry.
Now, RIM has not released any comment on the rumors surrounding the company suddenly stopped supporting Android applications that can run on computers of his new tables.

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